Monday, June 18, 2007

Wow, how patriotic

Mitt Romney, aka Yosemite Mitt, is still trying to sell himself as the kind of Republican candidate that the hardcore authoritarian base can transfer their loyalties to once Bush leaves office. Of course, the base remains troubled by his Mormonism and past support of ungodly things like reproductive choice.

They are, however, less concerned about the fact that Mitt is a big war cheerleader with five adult sons who haven't bothered to enlist. This? Is the dumbest quote yet uttered by a 2008 hopeful.

Asked on CNN this morning whether the fact that none of his five sons has served in the U.S. military might be a political issue for him, Iraq surge supporter and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "Each of my five sons gave two years of their life to the service of their church, and I consider that service to be laudable. But I very highly value those who serve in the military. But it is a volunteer military and I hope that we keep it that way."

So, Mitt, is there a reason why your sons haven't VOLUNTEERED for the military? Operation Yellow Elephant? You there?

(Via Down with Tyranny.)