Thursday, June 21, 2007

Watching Olbermann Watch watch Olbermann watch...

It's nothing but thundershowers tonight. So naturally, I had to get caught in one while bicycling. I am now more or less dry. Okay, I guess Winter Solstice 2007 has been somehow disrupted. I was looking forward to watching a bright pink sunset at about 8:45 or 9 PM, but instead I'm indoors watching Olbermann. Speaking of Olbermann, Olbermann Watch decided to make an unexpected return to the Web.

You may remember that back in March OW reacted with horror to the news that MSNBC had signed KO for four more years. Four more years? Nooooooo! (Now they know how most Americans feel about Bush's second term.) But I guess these Keyboard Commandos wanted to prove their toughness by forcing themselves to watch more of "Countdown."

Now, there's Watching Olbermann Watch. You can guess which blog they're following regularly. I'm waiting for, say, "Watching Watching Olbermann Watch Watch Olbermann." Though the blog URL would be too long.