Wednesday, June 13, 2007

See? Everyone thinks she's boring

Looks like La Hill has ceased to interest the American public. No More Mister Nice Blog reports that the two recently published books about her have not exactly set the bestseller lists on fire.

Moral (choose one): The number of people who are fascinated by her is greatly exaggerated. The number of people who despise her enough to buy these books is greatly exaggerated.

Really, there are other women in politics--Democrat AND Republican--who are more intriguing and have a much longer history of accomplishments and public service. However, the media fixates on La Hill, Nancy Pelosi, and a handful of right-wing loons like Mean Jean Schmidt, Michele Bachmann, and Katherine Harris. I'd be interested in learning more about, say, Janet Napolitano or Kathleen Sibelius, both of whom are considered potential running mates next year. Could someone remind the nice news media that there are other women besides La Hill that they could write about?