Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can you say "nail in the coffin"?

McCain probably wishes he'd suspended his godforsaken campaign for good last month. Barry Goldwater's granddaughter has endorsed Obama. She speaks for her siblings and some cousins as well.

Ow. OW!

Even McCain campaign chairs are saying he's toast.

William Weld, ex-governor of Massachusetts, backs Obama. (Yes, I know what the Freepers will say: "Weld's a RINO, anyway. Who needs him?")

Another, erm, RINO for Obama is...drum roll please...Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Julie. NIXON. EISENHOWER.

Former Republican Senators Charles Mathias and Larry Pressler also back Obama.

So does former Minnesota governor Arne Carlson.

Wow. A lot of old-school, long-time Republicans there. It sounds like a lot of them are really, really unhappy with their party. For many of them, this could be their first ever vote for a Democrat. Before the Freepers laugh them off, let's let Larry Pressler have the last word:

"We have to be a moderate party. We can't be for all these foreign military adventures. We have to stop spending so much money. My God, the deficit is so high!" he said. "The Republican Party I knew in the 1970s is just all gone."

Despite his support for Obama, however, Pressler emphasized that he intended to stay in the GOP and described himself as a "moderate conservative."

"I'm not leaving the Republican Party. We're going to reform it," he said, but added: "In the general election, if you have disagreements, you should not vote the party line."

A bunch of cats have compiled some choice quotes from the aforementioned unhappy Republicans.

Sadly, this isn't surprising

More details emerge on the horrible murders of Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother, and nephew. From (groan) TMZ:

We've obtained arrest reports and other docs in connection with a sting operation in Chicago. On March 4, 2002, Chicago cops targeted Jason Hudson, Jennifer's murdered brother, and Gregory King, the father of Julian, the murdered 7-year-old boy. Both men allegedly sold crack cocaine to a registered informant. Cops then raided the very home where Jason was murdered last week. According to documents, Jason, Gregory and Julia (Jennifer's sister) were all arrested.

Julia was never charged with a crime. Jason was charged with cocaine trafficking, but the main count was dismissed in 2004 because the judge ruled police conducted an illegal search. During that hearing, Jennifer's mom had to choose whether to go to Hollywood to watch her daughter on "American Idol" or be in court...she chose the latter.

Gregory was convicted. Jason agreed to enroll in a drug abuse program and the less serious remaining charge was dismissed.

Cops say Jason and Gregory were affiliated with the gang, Gangster Disciples. That's the same gang that William Balfour, the "person of interest" was in. The lawyer who repped Jason told TMZ cops often jumped to conclusions and assumed people in that neighborhood were gang members.

So it sounds like William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law and current person of interest in this case, wasn't an aberration in the Hudson family. And it's starting to sound like this may not have been just a sociopathic husband lashing out at his wife's family.

Wow. Just wow.

Jennifer was the only one in that family who rejected the hood mentality. And her mother chose to be in court instead watching her perform.

I feel so sad for Jennifer Hudson right now.

I wish I could vote for THIS Palin...

From a campaign Web site that Mr. Palin probably doesn't even know about.

And to top it all off, Mr. Palin, having hosted a travel show, knows foreign affairs like the back of his hand. While he can't see Russia from his house, maybe he can see Continental Europe.


In the midst of the electoral tomfoolery, I've had trouble keeping up, which is one reason I've been light on the posting. The other reason is that I have had a freelance project and done some volunteering for Team Obama, which has cut into my free time.

But no longer. Someone needs to alert the wingnutosphere! Terrorist fist gestures have found their way into America's pastime! Someone call Faux News! Michelle Bachmann! John McCain's campaign! Someone! Anyone!

Even all-American white dudes are doing it now...

Monday, October 20, 2008

One Jewish mother for Obama

I found this video made by Janette Hillis-Jaffe, an Orthodox Jewish mother of two, explaining while she'll be voting for Obama. More on Hillis-Jaffe here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Levi Stubbs: 1936-2008

Just learned that Mr. Stubbs, the Four Tops' lead singer, died at the age of 72. I was stunned to learn he was, well, that old. First Isaac Hayes and now Levi. As a lover of all things old-school soul, I'm seriously saddened. In honor of Mr. Stubbs, here are a couple of clips of the Tops at their commercial height.

RIP Levi. You've earned it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another music break

Blondie rules. Enough said.

More crybaby conservatives!

Via Newshoggers we find Jules Crittenden in meltdown mode over Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize.

I wouldn’t want to suggest Krugman excuses terrorism or hates America. It is likely, however, that his extensive Bush-bashing, Saddam-dismissing, GWOT-mocking absurdism was a heavy thumb on the Nobel scale. Curious that an economist whose work on patterns and locations is Nobel-worthy couldn’t do the math to figure out that a sociopathic mass-murdering megalomaniac with a pattern of supporting terrorism, seeking WMD and invading neighbors, located on some of the most strategically important real estate on Earth, with whom much of Europe was eager to trade again, is someone who could no longer be tolerated....

Memo to Bushitler regime: Is there a reason Krugman is not yet locked up in the hated Crusader gulag of al-Guantanomiyah with the traitors Moore and Cronkite?

Say, isn't Jules Crittenden the same whiner who published John Cole's home address when Cole became a Democrat? Why yes, I believe he was! Cole, meanwhile, reminds everyone that needs to be reminding that the wingers were as wrong about Krugman as they were about, well, everything else.

Glenn "Faux Libertarian" Reynolds is somewhat more resigned: "FIRST AL GORE, NOW THIS."

Meanwhile, Donald Luskin, who advertises NRO's "Krugman Truth Squad" goodies on his site, is more reisgned:

With today's award to Paul Krugman, the Nobel as gone to an economist who died a decade ago. The person alive to receive the award is merely a public intellectual, a person operating in the same domain as Oprah Winfrey. And even as a public intellectual, the prize is inappropriate, because never before has a scientist operating in the capacity of a public intellectual so abused and debased the science he purports to represent. Krugman's New York Times column drawing on economics is the equivalent of 2006's Nobelists in Physics, astromers Mather and Smoot, doing a column on astrology -- and then, in that column, telling lies about astronomy.

Thus far, Michelle Malkin has not expressed her opinion on Krugman's Nobel Prize, because she's too busy trying to claim that liberals are horrible, evil people who all hate Bush and Palin. Her book Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild bombed, so she's resorted to ranting about it via her blog.

While Malkin tries to gather her bearings, TigerHawk promptly registers his disgust:

The Swedes have given Paul Krugman the Nobel Prize for Economics. If you have only read his columns in the New York Times, you would be right to think this was a decision of Arafatesque idiocy.

In other right-wing blogs and comment boards, they're desperately trying to downgrade the Nobels, suggesting that that somehow politics is involved in giving out these awards. Er, but Milton Friedman, icon of the libertarian right, also received a Nobel, didn't he?

Hopefully, nobody will remind them of Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize. Wouldn't want so many attacks of the vapors over in Wingerland.

Say WHA? Or: More right-wing dishonesty

Okay, it's really interesting that Buckley's kid is voting for Obama. Here's the stand-out quote from Buckley fils:

Dear Pup once said to me sighfully after a right-winger who fancied himself a WFB protégé had said something transcendently and provocatively cretinous, “You know, I’ve spent my entire life time separating the Right from the kooks.” Well, the dear man did his best.

First of all: Pup? Chris Buckley calls his dad PUP?

Second of all: WHEN did William F. Buckley lift a finger to weed out the nutcases in his movement? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Ann Coulter write for his little magazine at one point? Oh sure, she was finally shit-canned for suggesting that the US should--what was that again?--"invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity." But Buckley et al. probably knew how unhinged Trash Can Ann really was when they hired her.

Even after the National Review sacked Annie, it continued to employ like-minded fools like this professional mama's boy. I'd love to hear solid examples of Buckley's principled conservatism and his sincere efforts to separate himself and like-minded rational righties from the Goldbergs and Coulters. However, I suspect I'll be greeted by the sound of chirping crickets.

Meanwhile, Chris Buckley and his friend Kathleen Parker are shocked--shocked!--at how whacked-out some of McPalin's supporters truly are. It's up to Firedoglake to remind Kathleen that this is nothing new. Five years ago, she was happily reprinting e-mails from people who wanted liberals to be "lined up and shot."

And let's not forget this dispatch from Ms. Parker:

As one-two punches go, the Byrd-Waxman sally was a bad day for nerds everywhere. Performing a whiney duet of the desperate, they managed to evoke images of skinny boys studying the quarterback's swagger for clues on cool. It's almost as painful to watch them contort in envy as it must have been for them to watch Bush, a stud muffin no matter what his other flaws, arriving on a testosterone bullet to the cheers of 5,000 sailors.

It's not half as inflammatory as suggesting liberals be shot, but it's much, much funnier. Poor Kathleen Parker wanted so badly to be one of the kool kidz. Except she's managed to run afoul of Sarah "Mean Girl" Palin, so now she's been exiled from the clique.

To quote FDL:

Suck it up, Kathleen. You've been tossing red meat to a caged rabid animal for two decades. No sympathy when it finally bites you.

Back in 2003, when Parker was still swooning over her stud muffin and Buckley's bunch were still sticking their fingers in their ears and screeching, "Neener neener, we can't hear you reality-based folks!" a handful of conservatives were trying to sound the alarm on the Bush/Cheney lies. One of these was Paul Craig Roberts, a Buchanan-esque paleocon and former Reagan cabinet member. Roberts described the movement-conservative mindset in 2004 with The Brownshirting of America:

In language reeking with hatred, Heritage Foundation TownHall readers impolitely informed me that opposing the invasion of Iraq is identical to opposing America, that Bush is the greatest American leader in history and everyone who disagrees with him should be shot before they cause America to lose another war. TownHall’s readers were sufficiently frightening to convince the Heritage Foundation to stop posting my columns.

Bush’s conservative supporters want no debate. They want no facts, no analysis. They want to denounce and to demonize the enemies that the Hannitys, Limbaughs, and Savages of talk radio assure them are everywhere at work destroying their great and noble country....

Where did such "conservatives" come from?

Maybe Chris Buckley and Kathleen Parker can answer this question at some point. Of course, to do so would involve admitting that they've been wrong wrong wrong-itty wrong about, well, everything under the sun. They were so insistent about pretending to be right that they ignored the blatantly obvious truth.

And the blatantly obvious truth is this: By the dawn of the twenty-first century, William F. Buckley's conservatism was a clique and not a movement. Kooks were tolerated, even encouraged, as long as they never questioned the leaders of the Kool Kidz Klique.

Kathleen Parker has learned another sad lesson after speaking out on Sarah Palin: Being a Kool Kid in eleventh grade doesn't necessarily guarantee future success in life. There are Kool Kidz who become losers in adult life. There are also nerds who later become innovators in the arts, media, business, and government. Case in point: The Waxman-esque nerds now represent the future of American politics while the neoconservative stud muffins have been demoted to punchline status.

Maybe Buckley and Parker and the rest of their movement conservative friends could try honesty at some point, instead of these desperate attempts to save face. Of course, that would involve admitting that they're not in high school anymore.

Life's little "AWWWWWW!" moments

Via Andrew Sullivan, a really sweet vid of an Iraq war veteran returning home to be greeted by his pooches. Just watch it and tell me you don't get a little sniffly.

Just an idle question

Should I bother to watch the final presidential debate or will it just not be worth the bother? I mean, I kinda know what to expect at this point.

First Al Gore and now Mr. "Conscience of a Liberal"

Here's a concept even scarier to the wingers than "President Barack Hussein Obama": Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman. Yes, he now received the same economics previously won by Milton Friedman. Somewhere, Rupert Murdoch is crying in his beer--or, in his case, expensive cognac.

At some point, reality overload will set in amongst the movement conservatives. I'm not sure I want to be in the room when it happens.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A thought for Senator McCain

If you want to sound inspiring, try talking about hockey moms and Joe Sixpack.

Oh, wait...never mind.

Senator McCain, give it up

"Obama will cut taxes and small businesses will have to fire people OMG OMG OMG!!!1!1!"

Of course, Brokaw doesn't let Obama respond. So Obama has to wait for another question and then tie it into the tax claim.

From the Department of Memes that Don't Work

"Obama hasn't taken on the leaders of his party on a single issue." Uh...Senator McCain? Obama's party wasn't in the White House. They weren't the ones who ran the country into the ground. That was YOUR party. YOU only made a handful of token gestures in opposition to the Stupid-in-Chief.

And quit whining about earmarks. Don't tell me Arizona hasn't gotten earmarks.

All things considered...

I'm not comfortable with the caricature of McCain as a mean grump. I think McCain is afflicted with the Bob Dole syndrome. Dole let himself be cast as a cranky old man. After he lost, he showed that he actually had a sense of humor! Dude appeared on Cartoon Network talking about Bugs Bunny. He did a Pepsi commercial with Britney Spears. For an old fogey failed presidential candidate, Dole is actually kind of a funny guy. I wonder why he didn't follow Fred Thompson into acting.

I'm hoping McCain loses so that maybe he can take up a second post-Senate career as a standup comedian. Or maybe a nightclub act with Cindy. Admit it--you've always wanted to see Cindy McCain in a sequined dress, standing next to John McCain as he sings "Big Spender."

Oh, HELL no

McCain reminds everyone of how he suspended his campaign in a display of political grandstanding serious effort to aid with the bailout. Uh, Senator? That was basically a PR disaster for you.

Someone bring up Phil Gramm. Please. McCain is trying his whole faux maverick schtick. Sure, it's about as authentic as Naugahyde. He's calling Fannie and Freddie "the match that started this forest fire." Which automatically reminds me of a lame Billy Joel song.

"I've got to correct a little of McCain's history, not surprisingly." MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Once again, it's up to the grown ups (Obama and Biden) to let everyone know that just because Little Johnny and Little Precious Princess Palin pretend they're mavericks, this doesn't mean that they really are mavericks.

Some people should stick to playing house, ya know what I'm saying?

Yes, I'm watching another debate

Thus far, it can be boiled down to:

Obama: "People in America are struggling and really need help."

McCain: "People need help and I'll really try to sound inspiring. Can't you tell how inspiring I am?"

I love this election season

Let me repeat myself. I love love love LOVE this election season. This is the year that 2004's usual gang of idiots are watching their slimy tactics come back to bite them on the ass. Case in point: Jerome Corsi, who was booted out of Kenya for lacking a work permit. Dear oh dear.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dear Governor Palin:

Fidel and Raul Castro are not "dangerous dictators." Yes, they're dictators, but they haven't been dangerous for...well...several years. They're dinosaurs.

Please bone up on your foreign affairs.

Shorter VP Debate

Palin: "I'm gonna look right at the cameras and try to be telegenic as I say things that people told me to say."

Biden: "Excuse me. She just said a lot of stuff that's bullshit, and I can explain very clearly why it's bullshit."

PS: Oh great. Did she just say "white flag of surrender"? Someone who prepped her hasn't gotten the memo that this cliche is discredited.

PPS: She's saying "nukuler" and not "nuclear."

Wait till they come to foreign affairs

It'll go like this:

Joe Biden: Knowledgeable discussion of Iraq, Russia, Iran, and other countries.

Precious Princess: "I'm right next to Russia!"

And another note

Palin has rehearsed very nicely, but she sounds really vapid. Joe Sixpack. Hockey moms. Is there a string in her back you can pull to make her spout this stuff?

Biden maybe needs to sound more populist. Or even state more of his own views. But he's pointing out where McCain has gotten the economy wrong.

Whoops! Biden relates a conversation with a guy whom he met at a gas station.

Palin keeps saying "darn." Her eyes are weirdly vacant.

Why does Biden keep lowering his gaze. Of course, Biden calls her on the lie that Obama voted to raise taxes.


Uh oh! Ifill points out that taxing health benefits is a bad idea! Bad liberal media mean lady Ifill! Baaaaaaaaaaad Ifill!

Biden talks about fairness and points out that most Americans will not see a tax increase. He's really got the patience of a saint to debate this twit. She's channeling St. Ronnie Reagan. Except probably not.

A note about the VP debate

Can Palin be any more cliched? I mean, really, she repeated that "mavericks" line again. The Precious Princess is not sounding convincing.

Racist Mouthbreathers for Obama!

Well, this is very interesting news. Even a raving bigot has decided to vote for Obama. Specifically, he referred to Obama using the word that rhymes with "bigger." (Via Badtux.)

Poor Precious Princess

The liberal media is so, so mean to her.

Attn: Senator Claire McCaskill

You're on Olbermann, saying you think Palin will do well in the debate and is a good speaker. Senator, there's a damn "D" after your name. Will you and everyone else in your party stop flattering vapid wingers? I know you've mostly stopped doing this, but really...STOP IT!!!!

And now for a music break

The lady's name is Toyah Wilcox and she was a punk star in the UK during the early 1980s. Nobody in the US knows who she is, except for a handful of King Crimson fans, who know she's married to Robert Fripp. This clip is from "Urgh! A Music War" and it's a really striking song. Early 1980s synthy dance rock at its best.

Meanwhile, over in Michigan...

Team McCain seems to be throwing in the towel and sending campaigners to states like...Maine. Reliably Dem-leaning, true-blue Maine.

What else can they do to bungle this campaign? How about having Sarah Palin do another in-depth interview? With Keith Olbermann?

More pre-emptive right-wing whining

Gwen Ifill has written a book called The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. The book hasn't been published yet. In fact, the book won't hit the shelves until January. However, since she has written a book with "Obama" in the title, the wingnutosphere is convinced that she won't be a fair moderator for tonight's VP debate.

I know the righties are unusually protective of the Precious Princess. But throwing a snit fit over a book none of these yahoos have read yet? This is really, really reaching. WorldNutDaily has decided it's a pro-Obama book, because...uh...because why, really? Actually, it's likely that "Obama" is included in the book's title because, well, he's the best-known African-American in politics today. Nobody knows if this book will really the puff portrayal that Joe Scarborough, Michelle Malkin, et al. are pretending it is. Actually, here is the description on Amazon.

Ifill argues that the Black political structure formed during the Civil Rights movement is giving way to a generation of men and women who are the direct beneficiaries of the struggles of the 1960s. She offers incisive, detailed profiles of such prominent leaders as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and U.S. Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama, and also covers up-and-coming figures from across the nation. Drawing on interviews with power brokers like Senator Obama, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Vernon Jordan, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and many others, as well as her own razor-sharp observations and analysis of such issues as generational conflict and the "black enough" conundrum, Ifill shows why this is a pivotal moment in American history.

In other words, it's not an Obama biography and it's not just about Obama. Why it even has an interview with Colin Powell!

It's nice to know that there's always new outrage to manufacture, right?