Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keep it up, Annie!

Months ago, I realized that Crazy Annie had tremendous potential to help raise money for all sorts of cool progressive causes.

It's really simple. Here's how it goes: Crazy Annie makes one of her insane remarks about liberals or journalists or Democratic presidential candidates or feminists or non-whites or gays or Arabs or people to the left of Bush. Left-wing candidates and organizations post the footage, sound files, or text on their Web sites while urging their supporters to donate! donate! donate! "Send Ann Coulter a message! We're everything she's afraid of, and with your help, we can (insert name of progressive goal here)!"

Looks like John Edwards has already figured this out. This is the second time that Team Edwards has used Crazy Annie's words against her. In fact, I suspect that Elizabeth Edwards called Annie knowing she'd say something stupid and knowing that it would be great for a fundraising pitch. Perhaps Michelle Obama should give Annie a call the next time she referred to Michelle's hubby as "B. Hussein." That would be priceless.

Please, CPAC, invite Crazy Annie back in 2008! It'll be a goldmine for Dem fundraisers!