Monday, June 25, 2007

And now, back to Situation FUBAR

One general doesn't know if the Iraqis can hold on to territory captured from the insurgents.

The Iraqi military does not even have enough ammunition, said Brig. Gen. Mick Bednarek: "They're not quite up to the job yet." His counterpart south of Baghdad seemed to agree, saying U.S. troops are too few to garrison the districts in the capital newly rid of insurgents. "It can't be coalition [U.S.] forces. We have what we have. There's got to be more Iraqi security forces," said Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch.

The two commanders spoke after a deadly day for the U.S. military in Iraq. At least 12 soldiers were killed on Saturday from roadside bombings and other causes, raising the U.S. toll for the past week to at least 32.

We've been in Iraq for how long? And Iraqi security forces still don't have enough ammo? Yup. Believe it.

Brig. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, commander of the Iraq Assistance Group, said "it'll take years" for Iraqi security forces to become self-reliant in protecting the country from internal and foreign threats. He suggested that it will be at least two years before the forces, which number 348,000, can "take control" of the situation in Iraq.

Oh, this is just wonderful. Could someone please explain why the US hasn't been able to train or equip the Iraqis? I'm seriously confused here.