Thursday, June 07, 2007

Iraq is the new (insert name of country here)

Every day, I feel more sorry for Iraqis. As noted in last month, Bush and other Republicans keep confusing Iraq with other countries. This time, they think that we can just keep a bunch of soldiers there like we have with South Korea. The Defeatists explain why this won't work.

Korea, for those of you who skipped geography, is a peninsula with a lot of mountains, etc....Capitalist Buddhist Christian Confucian Japanese hating kimchee makers to the south; starving, lobotomized, goose-stepping animists ( I consider Kim Il Song and all the rest of the northern gang on a par with baboons...) to the north. The border is the most heavily mined, guarded, militarized stretch in the world. Makes the old Berlin Wall look like cheesecake. Makes the proposed wall on our southern border look like a turtle fence. There are constant probes, tunnels, etc, but for the most part bad guys to the north, our guys to the south.

Iraq is, as we say about Texas, a whole other country. In Northern Ireland, you had about 60% of the people who wanted peace and the ability to get along, and 40% nutcases. However, bad guys didn't come in from Rome and Geneva to keep the pot stirred up. At it's worst, which went on for years, the Brits were losing people daily. The difference in Iraq is that the tempo will be greater because there are more of the fuckers and more of them hate each other. Oh, yeah - the Brits could get good intel and infiltrate because there are a lot of Anglo-Irish in places like Liverpool and Glasgow and London and they all look alike! American soldiers don't look like Iraqis...those that do or speak the fucking (or fooking as we Micks would say) language are targeted by the religious right-wing nuts in the military as probably being homosexuals, security risks or just weird. So it's a stupid idea. Simplistic, historically inaccurate, and the product of facile bullshit substituting for policy. Par for the course from Dubya...