Sunday, June 17, 2007

I feel so bad for what I'm going to say...

...but it's GREAT to see the Republicans floundering like this. I'm sorry; I know it's bad. It's just that after all these years of "We GOOD! Donkeys EVIL!" it's kind of nice to see that the party can't figure out what they stand for. It's nice to see the base crying into their non-alcoholic beverages as they look at a slate of unappealing candidates as they pray for yet another actor to come be the fearless leader of their authoritarian dreams.

This could be the new Republican Party in the making: a disappointed, dissatisfied and inward-looking coalition that abandons Reagan’s hopefulness and tries to hang on by playing on fears of terrorism and anger about immigration. If Fred Thompson’s job is to restore optimism to a dispirited bunch, he faces a task that might have overwhelmed even Ronald Reagan.

Oh yeah, and the rightie bloggers are also miserable. Forget Situation FUBAR, Gonzogate, Plamegate, Foleygate, Katarinagate, or Insert-Scandal-Here-Gate. The immigration bill was the last straw. Oh, and guys? Welcome to Planet George Bush Thinks I'm Un-American. Enjoy your stay, you hear?