Friday, June 08, 2007

From the "Repubs who won't go away" department

The Repub formerly known as Senator Macaca is endorsing Fred Thompson for president.

Thompson has the right philosophy, is articulate, has a record and is "the best voice in America," Allen, a Virginia Republican, told a lecture series audience yesterday.

He likened Thompson's voice to that of a "modern-day Rex Allen," drawing a reference to a now-deceased cowboy actor.

What is this thing that GOP wannabe "rugged individualists" have for cowboys? Between "Brokeback Mountain" and the growing Democratic presence in the Rocky Mountain states, you'd think they'd be looking for a new manly archetype. Tattooed sailors, perhaps?

As No More Mister Nice Blog put it:

Perfect: One phony good old boy who's actually made most of his money in Hollywood and Washington being endorsed by another phony good old boy whose father made most of his football-coaching money in L.A. and Washington.