Monday, January 11, 2010

Return of the bow-tied empty suit

From TBogg:

Having exhausted all of the possibilities of television (due to excessive cancellations), Tucker Carlson has discovered that cool beans internet thingy that all of the kids are getting on their iComputers and stuff...

Yup, Li'l Tucker is trying to launch a rightie HuffPo. Apparently, he found funding for this venture from someone who isn't a family member. (Daddy is a former ambassador and Corporation for Public Broadcasting head--and a big GOP donor to boot. Mommy is a frozen food heiress. If you ever wondered how Li'l Tucker got a foot in the door and where his family money comes you know.) The funder for this [s]money loser[/s] internet venture is named Foster Friess. Yes, that's his name. Foster. Friess.

Anyway, Li'l Tucker has ripped off HuffPo's headline format for the lamely titled Daily Caller. And alas, HuffPo is ragging on the president often enough, so there really isn't much need for this inane venture.

From TBogg's comment section:

I can’t wait to see this thing fail harder than Rush hopped up on viagra and Dominican boys.

Wheeeeeeee! Let the snark begin!

Surprise, surprise

The Disasta from Alaska has a job at Faux News. Can everyone stop taking her seriously now? Please?

Blogger or Wordpress

Which shall it be?

I like Wordpress' templates, but Blogger is so much more user-friendly...Sigh. Decisions, decisions.