Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Things that make me embarassed to be female

Women who disrobe for Girls Gone Wild cameras and then are shocked--shocked--when they and their hooters are displayed for the benefit of assorted horndogs. Women like these two dumbasses.

Two Florida women have sued "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis and his film company, alleging a sexually explicit video was released without their consent.

In the federal lawsuit filed Monday in Panama City, Brooke Pastolic and Christina Brose said they were enticed to board a "Girls Gone Wild" tour bus with the promise of free clothing. Once onboard, they allegedly were given alcoholic drinks even though both were younger than 21.

According to the lawsuit, the cameramen then coerced the women into exposing themselves and engaging in sexual activities, but repeatedly stated they would not use footage in a video. However, the footage appeared on two separate "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs.

The women claim the footage was used without their consent, and if they did give consent, it was obtained illegally by "Girls Gone Wild" representatives giving them alcohol.

When and where the footage was taped isn't stated in the lawsuit. The women's attorney, Christopher Hill, didn't immediately return a message Wednesday.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Moral of the story: When you see or hear the words "Girls Gone Wild," steer clear if you value your dignity. In fact, avoid misogynist jerks in general. Don't do anything in front of the camera that would totally embarass you if it were to turn up on the DVD shelves. Don't drink more alcohol than you can handle. Oh, and if you want new clothes, buy them yourself.