Saturday, February 28, 2009

I second this idea

From Cleek:

Obama should go on TV and read the dictionary definition of “socialism“. Then he should ask, “Have I ever suggested that the government should take over the means of production? No? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU IGNORANT DOUCHEBAGS. Thank you. And God Bless America.”

ELO, "Sweet Talking Woman"

In memory of Kelly Groucutt, ELO bassist (1945-2009):

CPAC: The song parody

(Sung to the tune of the Village People's "Y.M.C.A.")

Wingnut! Do you feel out of place?
I say, wingnut! Why that frown on your face?
Are you sick of 'Bama, Hillary and Joe?
There's gathering where you should go

Wingnuts! Pundits giggling at you?
Hey wingnut! You're rubber and they're glue
Because wingnuts! Are Americans true
So show them you're patriotic

Bring yourself to the C-P-A-C
Yes, you'll have fun at the C-P-A-C
We will make you look sane!
We will make you look hip!
Believe us, it's worth the trip!

C-P-A-C! You'll have fun at the C-P-A-C!
Joe the Plumber is there! So are Coulter and Steele!
So come over to cool your heels!

Wingnuts, we've got teabags unused
Our plans for a tea party fell through
But we'll pretend that it was a success
As we dig our way out of this mess

Wingnuts! Where is Jindal? Here's Mitt!
Where is Sarah? Our movement's in deep shit
But they passed on our gathering this year
Are they really so ungrateful?

Oh, who cares, it's the C-P-A-C!
We're having fun at the C-P-A-C!
You will be among friends. It's a trip and a half!
You can speak and no one will laugh.

C-P-A-C. You're not alone at the C-P-A-C
We're conservatives true--no RINOs need apply
If you're Specter, then say goodbye

Wingnuts! Yes, it's true we were trounced
But wingnuts! We still know how to bounce
Back to power! Ask Goldwater and Ron
Read our history--you'll know we're not wrong!

Wingnuts! We will use hip-hop slang!
Oh yeah, wingnuts! We'll come back with a bang!
We'll be current! And we'll be cutting-edge!
Are there old ideas we can dredge?

C-P-A-C...We'll still have fun at the C-P-A-C
You will be among friends. It's a trip and a half!
You can speak and no one will laugh.

C-P-A-C...We're having fun at the C-P-A-C...