Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ron Paul, race-baiter? YIKES!

Dear Congressman Paul:

Please explain what's so libertarian about those scary militia dudes and white supremacists you're so chummy with? I mean, the militia dudes are obsessed with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but aren't too interested in the rest of the amendments. And that Christian Identity group that endorsed you? Congressman, you really should rethink that endorsement. They're a bunch of quasi-religious racist nuts.

While you're at it, please explain the bigoted commentary in that newsletter of yours. These kinds of statements have a way of coming back to haunt presidential candidates. Just ask Rudy Giuliani. Of course, Rudy never tried to dodge criticism claim that his writings were ghost-written.

It's pretty sad the way a purported "conservative libertarian" would see kindred spirits in people who don't share his much-vaunted for libertarian values.

Congressman Paul, perhaps you should go back and re-read the Constitution.

Update: Dennis Sanders of Neomugwump weighs in on Congressman Paul.