Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomie's not running

As I said yesterday, I'm not surprised that Bloomberg left the GOP. It was all a marriage of convenience, you know. At least nobody can accuse him of being a RINO--you can't be a RINO if you're not a Republican. Maybe Bloomberg will apologize for inflicting the GOP national convention on us.

Anyway, he is not running for president, which is understandable. Not only does he have a year to go as mayor, but Bloomie as independent candidate would be just another Perot.

Here's what I really want to see: Bloomberg coming out in favor of medical marijuana. I am not a pothead--stuff smells awful and I hate smoke--but I do remember Bloomberg admitting that he'd tried the stuff and like it. I also remember NORML using that quote in their ads. C'mon Bloomie! This is your chance to really do something radical. You want to go green? What's more green than cannibis?