Sunday, March 12, 2006

Joe Biden--SHUT UP! Uh...on second thought...forget what I said

Joe Biden actually said something that made me not want to stuff a sock in his mouth.


Biden says that the troops should get the hell out of Iraq by the summer if the Iraqis can't get their act together.

"We can't want peace in Iraq more than the Iraqis want it," Biden said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "We can't want it more than they want it. And if they don't step up to the ball, we're going to be gone."

Biden said if knew what he knows now when Congress voted on the Iraq war resolution, he would have opposed it. "This has been a debacle," he said.

Oh. My. Not only is Joe calling for withdrawal, but he also says he wouldn't have supported the war knowing what he does now.

The teeny-tiny cynical voice in me is saying that Joe is probably saying this stuff with an eye on a presidential run (no, Joe, just no), but the optimist in me is applauding him for saying this.

Congresscritters and senators on both sides of the aisle need to follow Murtha, Biden, and Congressman Walter B. Jones not only in calling for withdrawal, but in saying, "If I knew then what I know now."

Naturally, fellow 2008 hopeful George Allen is against a timetable. And Karl Rove gave the usual blather about why the US should stay the course. C'mon, guys. Those talking points don't fly anymore.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pie-in-the-Sky Conservatives

When coming up with talking points, keep them clear, simple, and to the point. Frank Luntz could tell you that. For all the thinking, brainstorming, and focus-grouping, it's pretty easy to come up with a slogan to get behind. In fact, here's a perfect slogan:

Democrats will get the job done.

That's it. Nothing fancy. No gimmicks. No bullshit.

For the past six years, this country's citizens have been guinea pigs for pie-in-the-sky conservative ideologues, who've been testing all sorts of silly concepts and ideas dreamed up by think tanks, with no concern for whether they'll work. Bush's whole presidency has been one of wild-eyed schemes that fail miserably because they have no basis in reality.

The PNAC's Iraq experiment? A disaster because the neocons had no idea what they were doing. Bush's "ownership society" and "Social Security reform"? Described in the press as a "boutique idea" hatched by conservative foundations, these plans are now dead in the water.

Enough is enough. Thise country needs are pragmatic problem-solvers. People who'll just do what's right and what works best, regardless of what the left, right, or center think. People who listen to their constituents, not some senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation who thinks he knows how the country should be run.

Many of these right-wing ideologues are basically rich kids who couldn't function outside their little world of policy meetings and conferences. They have no idea how other Americans live. And that is why they can't govern.

Mind you, I'm all for progressive think tanks and policy institutes, provided they can do what their right-wing counterparts can't do: address real-world concerns.

Don't feed the people talking points. Don't give them more rhetoric and more photo ops. Just promise that you'll get the job done.

THAT should be the Democrats' new slogan: "Democrats: Getting the Job Done." Clear and simple. Let the GOP trip over its own rhetoric as it sinks under the weight of its scandals. And, while the Repugs try to right themselves, come up with solutions that the American people so badly need.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I have my life back! Yay!

I moved last week during a brutal freezing cold February afternoon. Sheesh, why did we get socked with the freezing weather at the tail end of winter anyway? I'm now living three blocks from my old apartment, in the same neighborhood, in a nice apartment with high ceiling, mucho closet space, and a cool landlady living downstairs. Before I moved, I was proofreading a fantasy novel, AND I was packing, AND I was interviewing a band. The week was nuts.

Well, I've mostly unpacked and I now have my life back. Le Sweetie and I went to see "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" over the weekend, which was a great movie. The weird and incredible thing was the Fugees reunion. Lauryn Hill seemed (thankfully) sane and grounded in the film, and in fine voice. Erykah Badu was also there, ripping off her Afro wig and jumping into the audience. Methinks Erykah needs to show more of her fun, spontaneous side in addition to the earth mother/goddess persona she's got going. This film's sort of a "Wattstax" for a new generation, with Dave subbing for Richard Pryor (and wearing a Richard Pryor t-shirt to boot). Fun is had by all, including the nice lady at the drugstore where Dave goes to buy cigarettes and the marching band at an Ohio college. Yes, Dave invites his neighborhood friends to a Brooklyn block party. Whadda guy.

Tomorrow, the fun begins again as I have this late hardcover book that HAS to be at the printer this week. Sigh...I love late books. Except not.