Saturday, September 23, 2006

Time to upgrade...

I'm in the process of upgrading my iTunes software to the latest version.

Watching software download...oh, joy.

Friday, September 22, 2006

More on GOPers jumping ship

In These Times reports on an increasing number of Republican politicians doing a switcheroo and running for office as Democrats. Mostly, these candidates are from "red" states, like Oklahoma, Idaho, and South Carolina. All have similar reasons: the party's extreme rightward shift, increasing intolerance, and refusal to acknowledge its moderates and pragmatists. For example

“The moderate Republican has been pushed aside for the extreme right wing,” Oklahoma state Senator Nancy Riley told the Associated Press in August, when she became a Democrat. Riley represents a district in suburban Tulsa and has served as minority whip in a chamber that her former party was looking to take over in the fall election. She announced her defection after years of what she described as “abhorrent” treatment by Republican leaders who suffer a “lack of compassion for people.”

These days, the party most welcoming to centrists is the Democratic party, not the GOP. And the netroots are embracing these new Democrats with open arms. Go to Daily Kos and you'll find admiration for the moderate-to-conservative John Murtha and moderate candidates John Tester and James Webb. Heck, Webb's a former Reagan cabinet member. More candidates recognize this now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Condom couture

Too bad Fashion Week's come and gone...because some designer could've done something interesting with this.

"There's a great need to de-stigmatize condoms around the world, especially in Africa," said Franck DeRose, executive director of The Condom Project, which aims to get people comfortable about condoms, especially those living in countries where the little piece of latex is considered taboo....

DeRose said that creating wearable art out of condoms attracts people who normally wouldn't wear the prophylactics, let alone touch them or even utter the word.

Looks like Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was about 15 years ahead of her time with her manhood-covering-as-monocle fashion statement. But this sort of begs a question--what kinds of condoms are they using? Trojans, perhaps? Do the condoms have lubricants or no? And, finally, not use the condoms to make, say, loincloths or jock straps?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's series premiere time!

I'm now watching the series premiere of this new post-apocalyptic show called "Jericho." Will see if it's worth watching. Ten minutes into the show and already there's a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

All this, and his book is great bathroom reading, too

Tonight, Olbermann insisted that Bush apologize to America. Another must read. From Olbie. As usual.

Easy fun question time, kids!

You're in a war. Recruitment is down. You're having to call up fortysomethings who never saw this coming. So what do you do to address this?

You make sure that, whatever happens, homos never make it past the door to the recruiting office. Even if the homo in question is the granddaughter of a Green Beret.

Absolutely fucking outrageous.

OK, what's up with Amazon?

I went to try to order the new album from Steve Turner (Mudhoney guitarist) but Amazon's been acting fucking weird all day. Are there any half-decent online music ordering sites out there? I need to look into this. I'm getting creeped out by Amazon.

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged by Deb at Debsweb, so I'm diving in here:

Things I'd like to do before I die:

1. Visit Scandinavia
2. Learn to play guitar
3. Drive a car again (I have a license but haven't driven a car in years)

Things I cannot do:

1. Wait on line for long periods of time
2. Write ampersands
3. Do the butterfly stroke

Things I can do:

1. Ride a bike
2. Read things upside down
3. Take naps on craped airplanes (Le Sweetie can attest to that)

Things that attracted me to my significant other:

Too many to mention! Well to start with...
1. He presented me with flowers on our first date
2. He was cool and interesting
3. He had a great sense of humor
4. His taste in music rawked
5. He was just as attracted to me.

Wow...shall I go on? :D

Things I like to say:

1. Hi Sweetie!
2. Meow!
3. Well, y'know...

Books I like best:

SF/fantasy, mysteries, current events, history

Movies I like to see:

1. Airplane!
2. Spirited Away
3. The Star Wars Trilogy

Next on the tag list:
Parenthetical Remarks and Left Wing Nutjob! Take it away, kids!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Britney Spears: America's running gag sweetheart

And now she's even the inspiration for Law and Order's season premiere. Plot details are as follows:
In the show, the couple, J-Train (Wayne Wilcox) and Sky Sweet (Barbara King), bear several similarities to K-Fed and Spears, both in terms of storyline and physical appearance.

Hopefully, that's where the parallels stop.

In the episode titled "Fame," J-Train becomes the prime suspect in the murder of an NYPD detective and gets arrested when the killing is connected to incriminating photos of his paparazzi-hounded starlet wife (she's snapped dropping the baby in Central Park and then leaving the kid alone in a car while she runs into a coffee shop, per the New York Post), forcing the oversaturated couple even further into the media spotlight.

The producers say it's fiction, and maybe it is. After all, Britney hasn't been photographed actually dropping her baby (though that skull fracture he sustained in April is suspicious, as is the fact that his parents waited a week before taking him to the hospital). And no, she hasn't left him in the car to make a coffee run. Yet.

And hopefully we won't be subjected to any of, erm, J-Train's rapping. The real thing is scary enough.

Congress (GOP Congress, that is) acts stupid

Can you say "rubber stamp Republicans"? Of course you can!

Olbie hits another one out of the ballpark.

Yeah, it's been linked to again and again--but it bears repeating, y'know.

Jury duty--sheesh!

I got a jury duty summons for state court on Monday. Thing is, I served in federal court in 2005. So I was able to send them my proof and explained I was ineligible. Please. Can't these idgits leave me alone for once? I have friends who've never been called. Let them get summoned. Sheeeeeeeeesh!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just what I need! A chance to express my artistic side!

Via Effing the Ineffable, by way of Parenthetical Remarks, we have the Jackson Pollock Simulator!

Good reading have I found

The first one is retired Navy commander Jeff Huber, over at Pen and Sword. Huber is a former military dude and thus can handle even the scary spectacle of Darth Cheney on MTP, which he discusses here. Huber notes the following:
Cheney has been called "Doctor Doom." He reminds me more of a few other comic book villains. Depending on his demeanor of the moment, he resembles The Penguin, The Thing or The Kingpin. And he showed all those sides of his personality on Meet the Press this morning.

Whoa, dude. Just one clarification: The Thing is a hero, not a baddie. And under those rocks, the Thing is a big softie. Personally, Darthie reminds me more of a pissed off Humpty Dumpty. But the most priceless comments are reserved for Condi:
Condi was never a real driver of the Bush administration's policy agenda. She was brought on board the team to be part of Dubya's office harem--a workout partner and a foreign affairs tutor. "Iraq is the country on the left of that little water thingie. Iran is the one on the right. That group of countries to the right of the bigger water thingie is Europe. To the left, on the other side of the even bigger water thingie, is Asia. That's where those little Chinese people live."

Heh. I'm going to be reading more of Huber's stuff. His writings can also be found at Daily Kos and ePlurbius Media.

For another former public servant with no love for Bushco, there's Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst, over at No Quarter. Johnson continues to document the adminsitration's little credibility problem here and here. To wit: Saddam didn't trust al Qaeda and had nothing to do with al Qaeda, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Thank you. A lot of people already suspected this. Now can we have impeachment hearings? Please?

Here's Johnson a year ago, talking about the Valerie Plame scandal and spineless establishment Republicans:

I say this as a currently registered Republican: I wish Howard Baker was back in the Senate. I wish there was a Republican of some courage and conviction that would stand up and call the ugly dog the ugly dog that it is.

But instead, you know, I watched last night, John McCain on Chris Matthews' "Hardball," making excuses, being an apologist.

Where are these men and women over there with any integrity to stand up and speak out against this?

And I don't have great Republican credentials, but I started out in '72 working on the gubernatorial campaign of Kit Bond. Orrin Hatch wrote my recommendation letter. And I'm still a registered Republican. I expect better behavior out of Republicans.

Makes you wonder: maybe Karen Kwiatkowski and/or Brent Scowcroft should start blogging. They might have some interesting stuff to say.

Meanwhile, Eschaton notes the inconsistency of Jonah "I'd be flipping burgers in Podunk if it weren't for my mommy" Goldberg. Hee!

From "Hee!" to "Whoopee!": Donita Sparks, formerly (maybe presently? who knows?) of the amazing L7 is now blogging over at Firedoglake on Fridays. Most recently, she shared her playlist and her Vegas adventures. Redneck Feminist is another L7 fan. Ms. Sparks has been working on solo material. Here's hoping for a CD release soon.


For my birthday, my sweetie gave me something I had longed for for a long, long time...Pinky and the Brain on DVD! A couple of years ago, Entertainment Weekly was wondering when Warner Bros. would commit this glorious piece of clever animation and pop culture satire to DVD (omitting, of course, the episodes with Elmyra). Now the prayers of P&B's fans have been answered!

Ah, 1990s animation. A reminder of a more innocent time, when the good-natured snark of pop culture had not yet been supplanted by a discourse based on smears, whining, and bitchiness. When being clever was a virtue. Looking back, we might have been better off with cartoon mice running the world than...well, the buffoons we've got now. You know which ones I'm talking about.

They're Dubya and Dick
Yes Dubya and Dick
One is a fratboy, the other's a prick

They're clueless neocons
Their logic is wrong

They're Dubya, they're Dubya and Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick!

Bin Laden's still at large
Suits Dubya just fine
But it's still a bit bizarre
That this would slip his mind.

They're Dubya and Dick
Yes, Dubya and Dick
They love dirty tricks
It's really pretty sick

But 33 percent
Approve of these gents

They're Dubya, they're Dubya and Dick Dick Dick Dick
Dick Dick Dick Dick


Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh dearie dearie dear...

Dear Leader can't be happy about this.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Been nice knowin' ya, Tony

Except not. Awwwwwwww, Dubya's best fwend is leaving.

Happy birthday to me!

Today's my birthday and I'm going out for Indian food with Le Sweetie.

No, this isn't a joke...

Via The Republic of Dogs, we find the perfect gift for the little wannabe Crusader in your life...Armor of God Pajamas.

It sounds like a joke.

It is not.

Our holy entrepeneurs explain:

The whole Armor of God Pajama set will help your children to depend on God to protect them from their fears, doubts, and uncertainties at night so their sleep can be restful and peaceful.

Gee, who needs stuffed animals, anymore?

Although we are a new company, our desire is to grow into a well-known Christian Organization whose main goal is to reach as many children as possible by providing the Word of God, offering top quality products and excellent customer service along with offering parents the means and support to help their children grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They even have Armor of God dolls.

And soon they'll have Armor of God blankets. Top it off with Catholic Shopper's Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues, and you'll have a kid-friendly Christian bedroom.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Somewhere in heaven, Murrow is smiling

From da Olber-Mann himself:

It is to our deep national shame—and ultimately it will be to the President’s deep personal regret—that he has followed his Secretary of Defense down the path of trying to tie those loyal Americans who disagree with his policies—or even question their effectiveness or execution—to the Nazis of the past, and the al Qaeda of the present.

These "loyal Americans" that Olbermann speaks of are, by now, about about two-thirds of the population.

Today, in the same subtle terms in which Mr. Bush and his colleagues muddied the clear line separating Iraq and 9/11 -- without ever actually saying so—the President quoted a purported Osama Bin Laden letter that spoke of launching, “a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government.”

Make no mistake here—the intent of that is to get us to confuse the psychotic scheming of an international terrorist, with that familiar bogeyman of the right, the “media.”

Which has been par the course for the radical right since 9/11. Instead of clamoring for bin Laden's head on a platter, they've been screaming and pointing fingers at fellow Americans in newsrooms, on college campuses, on the streets--hey, just about anywhere. David Neiwert has been tracking this for years. And the wingnuts have had the quiet approval of their Dear Leader and his administration.

The President and the Vice President and others have often attacked freedom of speech, and freedom of dissent, and freedom of the press.

Now, Mr. Bush has signaled that his unparalleled and unprincipled attack on reporting has a new and venomous side angle:

The attempt to link, by the simple expediency of one word—“media”—the honest, patriotic, and indeed vital questions and questioning from American reporters, with the evil of Al-Qaeda propaganda.

That linkage is more than just indefensible. It is un-American.

Mr. Bush and his colleagues have led us before to such waters.

We will not drink again.

Actually, Bushco has led about 30 percent of the American populace to tables stacked with cups of Kool-Aid. But I suspect Olbermann's too nice to use that terminology.

And the President’s re-writing and sanitizing of history, so it fits the expediencies of domestic politics, is just as false, and just as scurrilous.

“In the 1920’s a failed Austrian painter published a book in which he explained his intention to build an Aryan super-state in Germany and take revenge on Europe and eradicate the Jews,” President Bush said today, “the world ignored Hitler’s words, and paid a terrible price.”

Whatever the true nature of al Qaeda and other international terrorist threats, to ceaselessly compare them to the Nazi State of Germany serves only to embolden them.

More over, Mr. Bush, you are accomplishing in part what Osama Bin Laden and others seek—a fearful American populace, easily manipulated, and willing to throw away any measure of restraint, any loyalty to our own ideals and freedoms, for the comforting illusion of safety.

Jibes very nicely with Neiwert's Orcinus Principum No. 1:
Americans who accuse their fellow citizens of sympathizing with the enemy merely for dissenting from the nation's war aims are objectively anti-democratic....

It's quite clear that those who accuse dissenters of "aiding the enemy" are interested primarily in quieting any dissent, and shutting down any kind of thoughtful debate. They argue, like football cheerleaders, that it's more important to present a unified front than it is to keep core democratic principles alive and vibrant. (At least, this is their argument, though in the case of Bush supporters, one can't help but believe their core motives are base partisanship.) They're the same kind of folk who try to claim that "America is a republic, not a democracy" -- thereby revealing their own animosity to democracy itself.

Put another way, they are actually aiding and abetting those terrorists who hope to destroy America's democratic institutions.

Back to KO...
It thus becomes necessary to remind the President that his administration’s recent Nazi “kick” is an awful and cynical thing.

But Godwin's Law doesn't seem to apply to Bushco. Right, 30 percenters?

And it becomes necessary to reach back into our history, for yet another quote, from yet another time and to ask it of Mr. Bush:

“Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Edward Murrow would be proud.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

Keith Olbermann on the "Bush critics = Nazi appeasers" schtick: "I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I think the radical right has issued some new talking points."

Tonight's the night he ripped the Preznit a new one for his subtle little attack on the media and proclaimed Newt Gingrich the Worst Person in the World. I can't wait for the transcript to be online. Tonight, Olberman rocked.

Fun with image generators, part deux!

Why I like Elayne Riggs: Her blog is a starting point for all kinds of weirdness on the Web. Like the Tarot Card Image Generator! Always fun fun fun!

Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Book Meme Tag Time! Wheeeeee!

Thanks to Pete Blackwell over at Parenthetical Remarks, I am the proud recipient of a Book Meme Tag. Being a book editor who has read a kazillion books in her lifetime (and gets paid to put them together, day in, day out), I am aware that this is going to take some brain thinkin'. Okay, I'll dive in:

A book that changed my life:

The dictionary, of course! Where would the English language be without dictionaries?

A book I've read more than once:

Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. And the Kate Bush song of the same name is really awesome, too.

A book I would take with me if I were stuck on a desert island:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boat Building. Uh, how about Sea Navigation for Dummies? Whaddya mean, those aren't real books? Oh, okay, I'll be serious. I'd take some really long George R.R. Martin novel, because they're ginormous and I've been meaning to check one of his books out for a long time. Maybe the first one, Game of Thrones.

A book that made me laugh:

Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The book that got me through five days of jury duty. I have a copy signed by Mr. Gaiman himself.

A book that made me cry:

The Lottery Rose, by Irene Hunt.

A book I wish had been written:

The Complete "I Hate Con Edision" Handbook. Some northwestern Queens resident is probably writing such a book right now...

A book I wish had never been written:

Wings of the Dove by Henry James. Just thinking about this book, years after I suffered through it in college, is enough to induce horrific memories of tear-inducing boredom.

A book I've been meaning to read:

Mary, Queen of Scots, by Antonia Fraser.

I'm currently reading:

A lot of stuff actually. But mainly The Witch, the Wizard, and Two Girls from Jersey and Smoke and Shadows. And a freelance proofreading job. Does that count?

Now, it's time to tag five other bloggers. And those bloggers are...

Elayne Riggs
Scott_EVill Mockingbird's Medley
Ye Wei Blog
Vanity of Duluoz

Now that was fun!