Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh goody! Another homophobic closet case!

Man, they keep getting younger. Meet Tyler Whitney, an 18-year-old college Republican and webmaster for Tom Tancredo. He's scrubbed most of the political stuff from his MySpace page, but basic information about this rising star of the conservative movement can be found here, here, here, and here. All four sources note that Mr. Whitney has come out of the closet as a homosexual. This would be filed under "it's his personal bizniss" if not for some unfortunate facts noted by the fourth and final link, Pridesource.

Whitney's candidate, Rep. Tancredo, has a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign, which means he has never voted in favor of any pro-LBGT legislation. In addition, the long-shot presidential candidacy is mired with allegations of support from white supremacy organizations, like the National Alliance, as well as endorsements from David Duke. Tancredo is attempting to ride to the presidency on a wave of anti-immigration campaign promises including English only balloting, and deportation of every single illegal alien in America. He has also called for a "time-out" on legal immigration into the U.S.

In addition to his ties to Tancredo, Whitney is closely associated with Kyle Bristow, the leader of the Young Americans for Freedom MSU chapter, now officially listed as a hate group. Bristow has opined that if he had a gay son he would kill him, and that homosexuals should be in prison.

Whitney is also pictured in a Nov. 20 protest holding a sign which reads "Go back in the closet." The protest was against a proposed comprehensive human rights ordinance in the city of Lansing, an ordinance that was later adopted by a unanimous vote of the City Council.

Guess Mr. Whitney found that closet to be uncomfortable, what with all the sexual deviants inside. Nonetheless, Bay Buchanan is now crying about all the mean liberals who have pointed out yet another example of the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality so pervasive on the right. Dan Savage's reply: Tough noogies.

Sorry, Bay, but gay-bashing conservative thugs—people like you, your horrible brother, your vile candidate—can’t have it both ways on the gay issue. If Whitney’s sexual preference is a personal matter, if Whitney’s sexual preference shouldn’t have anything to do with the campaign, then neither should mine—or the sexual preferences of any other Americans. Until your candidate lays off the gay bashing, until the GOP stops attacking the rights and humanity of gay and lesbian Americans, then Tyler Whitney’s sexual orientation—it’s not a preference, Bay, and you know it—is fit for public debate.

Or is sexual orientation only a private matter when a Republican is being sodomized?...

And if you’re 18 and closeted and gay and politically active, as Whitney was, you’re old enough and savvy enough to know that aligning yourself with anti-gay politicians, marching with assholes that carry “Straight Power!” signs at anti-gay rallies, and being best buds with a guy that thinks gays should be imprisoned is as good as painting a bulls eye on your back. You not only risk being outed, you invite it.

It becomes a private matter when having a homosexual on staff is politically embarassing to a homophobic candidate. It also becomes a "private matter" when someone is so full of self-loathing that he gladly campaigns against his own civil rights.

In case you want to know what Mr. Whitney's original MySpace page looked like, click here. Don't thank me; thank Michael Signorile. Tellingly, the original MySpace page had very few comments. Think maybe Whitney was interested in that "increase your size" spam in the comments section? (Yes, that's bad, but I couldn't resist.)

Hopefully, he'll be able to get a good job when he graduates from college. Otherwise, he'll end up like fellow wingnuts JimmyJeff GannonGuckert and Matt Sanchez. That would be very unfortunate.