Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sick of misogynist pigs

Well, at least one woman-hater is temporarily out of the picture. Joe Francis--he of the oily grin, the "Rapey Joe" nickname, and the Girls Gone Wild franchise--is now behind bars. And he's on his way to Nevada to face charges of income tax evasion. But never fear! There are still plenty of misogynist scumbags out there. Like Opie and Anthony, whose radio show featured some cretin raving about how he'd wants to rape Laura Bush and Condoleeza Rice. Complete with Opie and Anthony laughing and egging the guy on.

These two douchebags got in trouble a few years back with their "Sex for Sam" contest, where contestants have sex in public places. One couple decided to top 'em all by getting it on in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Opie and Anthony's show was canceled, but never fear! They were promptly rehired.

Someone explain the appeal of this kind of "humor" to me. I mean, my own sense of humor tends toward the strange, warped, and weird. But this. Isn't. Funny. I find Condiliar and Laura to be repugnant human beings, but there's no way I'd ever wish rape on anyone. For the same reason, I just can't laugh at jokes about assorted disgraced GOPers being raped in prison.

Haven't we reached a saturation point with these "shock jocks" yet? Why do these two particular schmucks still have a show? I wonder if, like Li'l Tucker Carlson, they have family connections and can keep getting rehired again and again.

Honestly, "shock jock" humor has gotten to be as old and trite as Henny Youngman on a bad day. In the words of Res Publica at the linky above, "I mean, really, is anyone really still shocked by middle-aged white guys who feel entitled to say — and be paid for saying — whatever murderous, woman-hating, racist, gay-bashing bullshit burbles up into their little minds?"