Sunday, May 13, 2007

From around the internets

Via Kalilily Time, a must-see ad:

The Impolitic has discovered an illustrated guide to GOP scandals. So when's the pop-up book coming out?

Guess who wouldn't join his ex-bandmates at a Syd Barrett tribute? Roger, get over it already.

Avedon remembers when Bill Clinton as an actual outsider candidate who somehow made it when other presidential outsider candidates didn't. She also makes great points about how being antiwar isn't political poison like the right likes to pretend it is.

Quote of the day from Iddybud: "Patriotism is more than a tool for Bush to use to prolong his disaster in Iraq."

Happy third blogiversary to Mimus Pauly!

Via Blue Gal, I've discovered Daily Darfur, which follows yet another one of those forgotten genocides that the mainstream media is too busy or concerned with profits to cover.

Scott EVill reports on two big developments. One, the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica, which starts in 2008, will be its last. Sigh. I was so hoping that show would go for five. Please, let that final season kick serious ass. I would be a happy SF fan if it did. But wait! Guess which other '70s series is getting the revamp? Bionic Woman. Yes, you read that right. Bionic Woman. And Katee Sackoff (BSG's Starbuck) has a role as a villain in the pilot.

Should I or should I not look forward to a new Bionic Woman? I am still trying to decide on that one.