Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the OTHER hand...

...there are just some celebrity photos that you. can't. look. away. from. because. they're. so. ridiculous. See, because I am a shallow person concerned with frivolous gossip to the exclusion of all else*, one of my favorite online hangouts is the this message board. I mean, I learn something new every day there, about people I never knew existed.

Take Katie Price, aka Jordan, who's supposed to be a professional model but at this point is more of a professional celebrity. Nobody in the USA knows who she is, but in the UK she's a stah in the Pamela Anderson mold. (Confession: I kinda like the fact that Pamela has a sense of humor about herself. Even if her taste in men sucks.)

I Am Screaming and Punching Myself has compiled factoids and photos about the "the greatest celebrity ever"! I think this one has to be my favorite:

Yes, it's the latest in maternity wear for the MILF-to-be. Dig those stylish straps!

*No, I'm not really shallow. I just need a break from blogging about the ghastly doings in DC, and what better way than to blog about famous people's ghastly fashion choices? I mean, WTF is that thing she's wearing? A black bandage?