Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Quran--the key to fight FGM?

Contrary to what the Islam-bashers like to believe, a lot of the misogyny in Islamic societies has no basis in the Quran. It's either a. made-up crap that illiterates use to keep women down or b. local customs that are confused with Islamic doctrine.

Mind you, I'm sure the Islamophobes are sincere in their commitment to women's rights. So they'd support reproductive rights for American women...right? RIGHT?

Ahem. Back to the subject...Pseudo-Adrienne reports that Kenyan health activists are fighting female genital mutilation by citing from the Quran. Specifically, that the Quran says nothing about FGM and does not, repeat NOT require women and girls to go through with it.

So many anti-woman or just plain anti-human policies have been enacted in the name of Islam when in fact they have nothing to do with Islam. Perhaps the way to fight these "Islamic" traditions is to point out that they are not Islamic at all.