Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Daddy's friends can't tell ME what to do!"

Looks like that effort to recreate the Bush 41 presidency didn't go so great. Daddy's friend James Baker went through all that trouble to join a bunch of scary Democrats (as well as some Repubs) in an Iraq Study Group to help Junior. And what does Junior do? He pooh-poohs Uncle James's study group and calls their report "a flaming turd." Note to George Senior: if you'd just let Junior make mistakes and deal with them instead of bailing him out or sending your friends in to help him, this country would not have so many problems. Junior has never had to live with the consequences of his actions, which most people need to do in order mature. If he acts like a spoiled, clueless fratboy, that's your fault. Dig?

P.S. You should've let him be shipped off to 'Nam instead of getting him a National Guard spot. Maybe he would've developed a real understanding of the horrors of war.

(Via Morning Martini.)