Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes, I have too much time on my hands

...And a rather strong stomach.


Image shamelessly swiped from Yellow Doggerel Democrat.

A couple of years back, I blogged about the obvious homoerotic subtext of today's Republican party. Other people have also noticed this; hence, the existence of an actual Livejournal devoted to slash fiction about politicians. Most recently, it includes a Bush/McCain slashfic (but, alas, no Larry Craig/David Vitter pairings).

It seems politician slash is too tame for some fanfic writers. Teresa Nielsen Hayden has discovered...don't read this on a full stomach...Punditslash.

Yes, you read it correctly. Punditslash. Sadly, none of the fan stories feature Fox News' crew of dreamboats. I suspect there'll be a Bush/Lieberman fanfic before Hannity and Colmes get the slashfic treatment.