Sunday, June 22, 2008

Curveball = Complete screwball

I mean, look at one of their sources: Rafid Ahmed Alwan, aka Curveball. An Iraqi crackpot with a reputation as a total liar. Maybe Bushco should have checked this guy out before believing his tripe. If they had, they might have gotten the following character references.

"He was corrupt," said a family friend who once employed him.

"He always lied," said a fellow Burger King worker.

They also would've learned that he accused a 16-year-old kid of smuggling WMDs. And that he couldn't hold a job because he was such a hopeless liar, thief, cheat, and general con artist. That he "told 5 or 10 stories a day." And that he also pretended to be spying for the Iraqi government. From the article:

In early 2002, a year before the war, he told co-workers at the Burger King that he spied for Iraqi intelligence and would report any fellow Iraqi worker who criticized Hussein's regime.

They couldn't decide if he was dangerous or crazy.

"During breaks, he told stories about what a big man he was in Baghdad," said Hamza Hamad Rashid, who remembered an odd scene with the pudgy Alwan in his too-tight Burger King uniform praising Hussein in the home of der Whopper. "But he always lied. We never believed anything he said."

Another Iraqi friend, Ghazwan Adnan, remembers laughing when he applied for a job at a local Princess Garden Chinese Restaurant and discovered Alwan washing dishes in the back while claiming to be "a big deal" in Iraq. "How could America believe such a person?"

People smear Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame, but they're willing to take Curveball's "intelligence" at face value? Oooooooooo-kay.

(Via Armchair Generalist.)