Monday, June 23, 2008

Odds, ends, and links to recommend

Happy anniversary to Ms. and Mr. Sideshow. Ms. Sideshow, meanwhile, breaks down the whole FISA debacle here. My own congresscritter and senators can be counted on to vote the right way on this issue. Still haven't forgiven Schumer for his Mukasey vote, however.

Colliding Softly, meanwhile, deconstructs yet another dopey bit of Bushco hypocrisy and shows how much Bush/Cheney and the Islamofacists have in common.

Elayne Riggs, conoisseur of online generators, has discovered a really great one. The generator has been removed per the request of LucasFilms. Sigh.

Ann Telnaes and David Horsey keep hitting 'em out of the ballpark. Horsey, meanwhile, gets lots of angry comments for whom his toons hit too close to home.

Angry Black Bitch takes on the current right-wing Obama-as-monkey-humor. No, she ain't gonna lighten up.

C’mon people…this is America, for the love of all that is built on a foundation of ig’nance towards others!

We are not post racial...we do not have a population that stumbles over racial imagery like fresh faced chil'ren who have never ever ever seen that shit used in a negative way and gosh, sure didn't mean to say what they said when they did it.

These primate doll and monkey t-shirt people are not making a perfectly understandable mistake.

They are using imagery that is easily understood by the population they seek to reach.

Here's an example of compassionate conservatism at work in flood-drenched Iowa.

Meanwhile, McCain and those around him continue to say stupid crap. This time, it's a McCain adviser explaining the bright side of a terrorist attack. Seriously. Where does McCain find these people?

Finally: George Carlin, R.I.P.