Monday, June 02, 2008

This is an installment of "What they said!"

Drifting Through The Grift has a tactful way of explaining that the wingnut echo chamber has jumped the shark:

Barack Obama - 57 states? Confusing Buchenwald with Auschwitz? And do I even need to say Rachel Ray? This is the continuous crap feed which almost caused me to stop writing? Then, I think to myself, if this is the best the right wing noise machine can gin up, why the hell should anybody worry?

The One True Tami would rather not be lumped in with those Americans who were duped by the president and his cast of idiots. It's small comfort to see that my own bullshit detector was working properly circa 2003. Maybe now that Scott McClellan has confirmed what was long suspected among the reality-based, perhaps we'll get a nice apology from all those war cheerleaders who were screaming at us for being nasty, ugly, evil, horrible, un-American traitors. Hmmmmmmm?

Bark Bark Woof Woof points out the true purpose of William "Kick Me" Kristol:

There's been a lot of calls for the publishers of the New York Times to cancel Mr. Kristol's contract as an op-ed columnist owing to his propensity for errors and just plain right-wing silliness, but in a way I think he's providing a valuable public service. He gives us an insight into the mindset of the True Believers; those who are still clinging, however desperately, to the wild-eyed visions of reshaping the world into a Christian wonderland of McMansions, SUV's, and Dunkin' Donuts -- without the Yasir Arafat accessories.

I have long suspected that Kick Me Kristol was hired so that certain liberal media types could laugh at his expense. Think there's some truth to this?

Meanwhile, the NYT's Public Editor says that Edward Luttwak, author of a "Barack! Obama! Is! An! Apostate! Muslim!" editorial that ran a few weeks back, was just making shit up. The Public Editor spoke to some actual Muslim scholars, something Luttwak did not do. Note to Public Editor: Maybe you could lean on your bosses to insist that Kristol stick to facts as well? That is, unless you're turning him into your own Alan Colmes.