Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to win voters and, oh, never mind

Lately, the wingnutosphere had developed a fun new game. It's called "Alienate the Voting Bloc." Pick a certain voting bloc that may have traditionally voted Democratic--say, women or black people--and start writing and saying offensive things about them. You get extra credit if you attack, say, Michelle Obama, who's both black and a woman.

The wingers have now picked a new target: young voters. Who are also a mostly Dem-leaning bunch, and therefore, have no business voting in the first place. (Dear College Republicans: See what a bunch of ingrates you hooked up with?)

Someone really should warn America's senior citizens that Townhall's cast of idiots is coming for them next. Someone on the far, far right is going to notice all those old coots and blue-haired biddies collecting Social Security (read: living off the government) and propose that anyone age 75 and older be booted off the voter rolls.

You know it's coming.