Monday, June 16, 2008

Al Gore endorsement liveblogging

This suspense is killing, ain't it. Gorebama is running somewhat late up in Detroit. Jennifer Granholm (Michigan's governor) is giving the required rousing intro to Gorebama while Olbermann and Dana Milbank are indulging in the required news analysis. Milbank claims that Gore is practically "above politics" at this point. He does not, however, believe Gore wants to return to politics.

Granholm just took off her shoe. Interesting.

Now, Dan Abrams is up, with the usual slate of professional blabbermouths.

And heeeeeeeeere's Gorebama! Al Gore congratulated Detroit on the Redwings. He's giving a really rousing speech. Best quote: "After the last eight years, even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter!"

Boy, is he ripping the current idiots regime. And nobody can dispute what he's saying's true.

Who said Al Gore was a block of wood, again?

I'm going to call/e-mail my friend Sheryl, who lives in Ann Arbor. I imagine the Detroit traffic is kind of tangled tonight. I bet Al Gore's comment on revitalizing the auto industry will make Detroiters happy.

"Change" is a great slogan, come to think of it.

Wow. That speech kicked all kinds of ass.

I repeat: WOW!

Back to the Dan Abrams gabfest.