Monday, June 16, 2008

The Obamas: Conservatives should love them, but they don't

Take Michelle Obama. She's the very image of the self-made, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps type that the wingnuts claim is the American ideal. She grew up working class on Chicago's South Side (which isn't exactly the Elysian Fields, folks). Instead of relocating to Cabrini-Green, popping out babies left and right, and living like...well, a welfare queen, Michelle Obama went to Princeton and Harvard. She became a lawyer and is happily married with two little girls. I bet she even says "ask" instead of "ax."

So what happens? Faux News gives her a "cute" nickname: "Obama's baby mama." "Baby mama" is a term given to women who aren't married to their children's biological fathers. Angry Black Bitch has THE BEST TAKEDOWN of the most noxious race-baiting since the Obama t-shirts with Curious George.

Fast-forward ahead. Obama gives a speech about absent fathers. (Given that his own father abandoned his family, he knows something about this.) He also told the crowd, “Don’t get carried away with that eighth-grade graduation. You’re supposed to graduate from eighth grade.” Even Pat Buchanan could love something like this. But the silence from the wingnutosphere is enough to make your ears bleed.

Who, then, have the conservatives chosen as the focus of their worship and adoration? A Connecticut preppy pretending to be a cowboy, fake accent and all. (Yes, I believe Bush's accent is fake.) An ex-governor who'd sell Seamus the Irish setter to be elected. To a lesser extend, some even have fondness in their hearts for a long-term senator who abandoned his first wife for a rich beer heiress. All of whom come from well-to-do political or military families.

You do realize there's something really screwy about this scenario, don't you?