Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Possible veeps

Yahoo has a breakdown of Obama's potential running mates. My take on some of these guys is as follows:

Joe Biden: Would be more effective as a secretary of state than as a vice-president.

Wesley Clark: A Southerner and Hillary supporter who could bolster Obama's foreign policy/national security credentials. Will probably be appointed to a cabinet post and be more effective there.

Hillary Clinton: Dream ticket blah blah blah women's vote blah blah blah. Yeah, as the article points out, she would draw working-class white voters. However, so would, say, Jim Webb or the aforementioned Wesley Clark. And I don't really think Obama needs to worry about women voters. But I'm just an optimist. Speaking of Hillary, any of her supporters want to defend this, assuming it's true? I'm not sure how enabling La Hill's power trip is a good way to advance women's rights.

Chris Dodd: Naaaaaaaah. Dodd's a decent guy but I don't know what he'd add to the ticket.

Chuck Hagel: No. Aside from his Iraq war stance, Hagel is very much a generic vote-by-numbers Republican. Like McCain, Hagel is very conservative and would be out of place on this ticket.

Tim Kaine: He's supposed to be a decent governor, but he's also anti-gay marriage and opposes abortion. Mark Warner (former governor) would've been a better choice, but he's running for Senate and that race is his to lose.

Sam Nunn: Isn't he, you know, retired from politics? Make him a campaign adviser, perhaps, but a running mate?

Ed Rendell: Governor of a state whose primary Obama lost. Hillary supporter. He's a "maybe".

Bill Richardson: Another possibility. A black/Latino ticket would make Pat Buchanan's head explode.

Kathleen Sebelius: Not as well known, but might be a good choice to help win more conservative voters. Plus, I think a governor would be a better choice for the VP slot than another senator.

Ted Strickland: He was just elected two years ago. Leave him in the Ohio governor's mansion.

Jim Webb: Strong potential, but doesn't seem that interested in the job.