Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear Rudy: Be glad you're not running

Because then your political career outside of 9/11 would've been examined in some more detail. And your national security credentials would've been found somewhat wanting. Specifically by Democrats. You know, like Obama, the guy you just attacked for agreeing on the proper way to fight terror. You said that the law was the most potent weapon to fight terrorism. (You know, as opposed to torture and Gitmo.) The Democrats have decided they don't like being attacked for being soft on terror. And Rudy? They're calling you out.

The DNC takes its shot at Giuliani with an e-mail with a title, parroting Joe Biden’s Greatest Debate Hits: “Rudy, ‘Noun, verb, 9/11’ Giuliani returns.”

“Democrats are not going to be lectured to on security by the mayor who failed to learn the lessons of the 1993 attacks, refused to prepare his own city’s first responders for the next attack, urged President Bush to put his corrupt crony in charge of our homeland security, and was too busy lobbying for his foreign clients to join the Iraq Study Group,” DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney said.

Via Atrios.