Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who's micromanaging now?

Remember earlier this year, when President Stupid was accusing the mean Democrats of micromanaging the war?

Well, what does this sound like to you?

While "formidable challenges" remain in Iraq, President Bush said Saturday, the United States will start shifting more troops into support roles — in addition to the troop withdrawals announced earlier in the week.

In December, the United States will begin a new military phase in Iraq — one in which "our troops will shift over time from leading operations to partnering with Iraqi forces, and eventually to overwatching those forces," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

What exactly are these "support roles" and what kind of word is "overwatching"? Does the president mean "overseeing," perhaps? How do you partner and "overwatch" at the same time?

Interestingly, the link includes a quote from Rep. Tom Lantos, saying that "Americans' patience with this war has run out." Much as I hated the decision to approve more funding for Situation FUBAR, sans timetable, I wonder if there was a strategic aspect to it. Namely, that by approving funding until September, they could say to the president and the American people, "Look, we gave this administration an opportunity to prove that the surge would work. Enough already. No more chances." Of course, I could be wrong.