Friday, September 21, 2007

Some humor amidst gloom

Those who are bummed over the Dems' frustrated efforts to end the war and the stupid MoveOn vote should take heart. 2008 is almost upon us, and guess who's offered his services to party candidates?

No, Ronald Reagan has not risen from the dead.

"Strong asset," Bush said emphatically, when asked at a White House news conference whether he would be an asset or liability for Republicans in presidential and congressional elections next year....

As they vie for the Republican nomination, Bush's potential heirs have had to balance the president's political liabilities and perceived errors on the unpopular Iraq war, with his still robust standing among some party activists.

Unusually, in this election cycle, there is no vice president in the race, as Bush's right-hand man Dick Cheney has no plans to be a candidate.

In a Republican debate in August, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney tried to distance himself from Bush, and to associate himself with him and Cheney's 'war on terror' policies in one breath.

"I can tell you, I'm not a carbon copy of President Bush," he said.

"I know they make mistakes, but they have kept us safe these last six years. Let's not forget that," he said.

You go right on believing that, Yosemite Mitt.

My guess is that John McCain and Rudy Giuliani will be the ones using this "strong asset" while the other candidates try to pretend it's the 1980s.

Sounds like the 2008 GOP convention's gonna be a party. Will they, perhaps, invite Zell Miller back?