Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Long overdue prog blog! Special fashion edition!

It's Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. Billed as a rare video. Watching it, you realize the Summer of Love was the only time when men could get away with wearing pinks, purples, and jackets with flowers. Weird, huh?

Of course, fast forward ahead about ten years, and they were dressing like extras from SF B movies. Witness Ian Anderson here. What the fuck's on his shoulders anyway?

Arthur Brown (aka "The God of Hellfire") onstage with his early 1970s band, Kingdom Come, not to be confused with the lame 1980s Zep soundalikes. Dig the sideman with the polka-dotted blouse.

And then you have prog rock's resident style icon--Chris Squire, bassist for Yes. At least he isn't wearing purple satin anymore.