Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is desperate

That's the only explanation I have for why he'd take out a ad lambasting La Hill over a MoveOn ad. This is an obvious diversionary tactic. Rudy knows that he's not exactly Mr. Popularity with NYC's firefighters and cops. He knows this because a lot of them turned their backs to him when he was reading the names of the dead on 9/11.

Meanwhile, perhaps he could explain why he's acting all chummy with wingnuts who keep predicting more terrorist attacks. What's that, you say? Rudy shouldn't apologize for shaking hands with Li'l Ricky? Look, folks, think what you will of the MoveOn ad--La Hill had nothing to do with it. If she is somehow obligated to denounce ads placed by assorted interest groups, then Rudy should be held to similar standards. Therefore, he needs to:

a. Quit posing for photo ops with disgraced wingnuts.
b. Personally denounce any and every statement by any right-winger who brands war critics as traitors, wishes for more terrorist attacks on US soil, or expresses sympathy for Islamofascists, regardless of whether that fool is Michael Savage or some fourth-tier radio host out in podunk.
c. Condemn Ann Coulter for her disgusting attacks on 9/11 widows.
d. Take out full-page ads in major newspapers every time any prominent Republican makes a homophobic remark (you're supposed to be pro-gay rights, remember, Rudy?).
e. Encourage other Republican/right-wing politicians to follow his example.

Of course, with all that apologizing, Rudy might not have a lot of time to focus on his campaign speeches. But fair is fair, after all. With les affaires Craig, Vitter, et Foley, Republicans find themselves being tagged increasingly as hypocrites. I suppose it's hard to shed that label, but Rudy can and should try. With the Mittster happily posing alongside OBAMA/OSAMA signs, someone has to bring dignity to the GOP playing field. Right?