Monday, August 27, 2007

To quote Jane's Addiction, "nothing's shocking"

Last year, Blogactive's Michael Rogers began making the rounds of radio talk shows with stories of GOP closet cases. Specifically, Idaho Senator Larry Craig.

Speaking for myself, I've never liked the idea of outing famous people. But then again, I'm a straight chick and basically a sensitive soul. Most of the time, I hate seeing people embarrassed.

The operative term here is "most of the time." Every once in a while, you get, say, a seriously repressed, homophobic wingnut who's so far in the wardrobe closet that he's practically on his way to Narnia. You know, the sort of self-hater who actively campaigns for politicians who think he's going to hell.

And then, there are wingnuts who make it ridiculously easy for people to embarrass them by starring in porno flicks with titles like "Donkey Dick."

Despite all my reservations about outing, I can only react to this news about Senator Craig with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. For one thing, Senator Craig seems to have outed himself.

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested in June by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in the men's public toilet at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported....

According to the police report, Craig entered a bathroom stall next to the investigator, placed his bag against the front of the door and tapped his foot in a signal commonly used to try to pick up men in public toilets.

"I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct," Roll Call wrote, quoting the investigator in the police incident report....

In a June 2006 Senate vote, Craig voted in favor of an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage in the United States as a union between one man and one woman. The amendment was defeated by one vote.

(About that last paragraph: you knew that was coming, didn't you?)

You know, maybe Senator Craig could've asked that nice DC madam if she knew of any gay escort services. Then, he wouldn't be in this mess.