Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tell us something we don't already know

The MTA is clueless.

Man, if you need a place to vent or learn the full story behind mass transit horror stories, check out Gothamist.

The MTA admitted that the service was not acceptable on many accounts, from the flooding to the fact that the MTA's website was overwhelmed. Then there's also the fact that the MTA was urging people not to take the subways and opt for a bus instead, only for buses to be (A) few and far between and (B) crowded as anything.

They forgot to mention "(C) fucking slow."

Don't the people at the MTA feel really stupid when they say shit like this?

MTA CEO Lee Sander said, "We really are sorry about the inconvenience that New Yorkers had to deal with. In terms of how it happened, we had three inches of rain in an hour. The system is designed to handle 1.5 inches."

This isn't quite as appalling as last year's 9-day Queens blackout--you know, the one where Con Ed lied about the number of places without power--but it still induces eye rolls. Only 1.5 inches of rain? Sense this doesn't make.

Next time this happens, I'm taking a bike to work. I don't care how much office buildings hate bikes. I don't care if I'm honked at. If I'm going to be facing the commute from hell, I'd rather do it with the wind blowing in my face. Beats standing in a packed 7 train while some loony woman babbles on the other side of the car.