Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to Situation FUBAR

Via Badtux, we find the US government honoring its selfless standing by while soldiers' parents ransack their retirement funds to care for their badly wounded children. Say, wingnuts, in all your whining about mean moonbats, did it ever occur to you that America's soldiers are being treated like shit? You're obviously too cowardly to enlist to fight, but the least you could do is show some outrage over soldiers lying in rat-infested VA hospitals and military families going bankrupt to support them.

And don't say that it's "socialism." "Socialism" is your excuse whenever you don't want to contribute to America's basic infrastructure by paying the taxes everyone else pays. You don't even know that it means, and you sound like spoiled children when you whine about the money coming out of your paycheck. The cops keeping you safe have to eat. So do the military families--what, do you think they ate magnetic yellow ribbons for breakfast?

You're not more special than everyone else, so you have no reason for your sense of entitlement. If you don't want your money going to pay for "social programs" like VA hospitals, then quit supporting the war. No war means no wounded soldiers means less work for VA hospitals. Until then, don't pretend to support the troops. You don't support the troops. You want them to feed your fantasies. That's not their job. You want to live in a world of muscular commandos and dirty terrorists and never-ending bloodshed? Fine. Go buy a Game Boy and leave everyone else alone.

*rant mode off*