Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Speaking of the Precious Princess...

A few misguided feminists like Rebecca Walker are trying to wrap their brains around the concept of a conservative Republican female VP candidate by...claiming she somehow is a feminist with a different concept of feminism. (Click the linky and you'll find the Walker babbling about "feminist think tanks." What feminist think tanks?)

To anyone who babbles about Palin's supposed feminism, here is a nasty fact: When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, rape victims had to pay for their rape kits. Yes, that's right, the victim herself had to foot the cost of providing evidence to arrest and prosecute her rapist. The logic was that the victim could charge her insurance company the cost of the rape kit. Of course, if she didn't have health insurance, she had to pay for the rape kit out of her own pocket. And what if she's poor and has no insurance and can't pay for the rape kit?

Well, gee, just because some of Palin's government policies were harmful to women, that doesn't mean the--what's the word?--feminist establishment should reject her. Right, Rebecca?

Oh, wait. There's more. Palin has no problem with sexist attacks on other women in politics. In fact, she can giggle along with the best of them.

Can we please stop pretending Palin's just a strong conservative woman who's a misunderstood feminist? I'm not linking to Camille Paglia's horseshit in Salon, either, because I doubt she believes anything she writes or says. But Rebecca Walker? I thought, with her being Alice's kid and Steinem's goddaughter, she'd at least have a functioning bullshit detector. But no.

And meanwhile, Katie Couric asks the Precious Princess about abortion. Specifically, about whether, say, victims of rape or incest have the right to an abortion. The answer is truly cringeworthy.