Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain spends 5K on a makeup artist

Once again, wingnuts' ridicule has come back to bite them on the ass. Is this money coming from campaign funds? Or is Cindy loaning him the money?

So, John McCain has reportedly paid more than $5,500 to Tifanie White, the makeup artist who works on "American Idol," for similar cosmetic services. It is yet another incident of a politician -- regardless of ideological stripe -- coughing up a lot of money for the sake of good looks.

Earlier this cycle, one may recall, former Sen. John Edwards was subjected to days of ridicule over the fact that he had made two separate payments of $400 for two haircuts. Leading the charge was the media -- keen on pointing out that a self-professed man of the people was spending the equivalent of a months rent, in some places, on personal grooming.

Maybe he wants to upstage the Precious Princess.