Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recommended reading:

From Charles Kozierok: Top 10 Reasons to Chill: Obama Will Be Fine.

Yeah, I'm pretty jittery about the great GOP "bounce." Some quotes from nice strangers:

Obama's bounce got him to 310 projected EVs/almost 70% win percentage.

McCain's bounce got him even.

The best McCain can do is get even, so Obama is in good shape.

Yeah, McCain is starting to remind me of Kerry in 2004. How many people are really that enthusiastic about the guy without Palin? And a lot of dirt is coming out about Palin.

No jitters. The Obama campaign is supposedly coming out swinging for the fences tomorrow. Our guy is smart. McCainPalin: tic tac toe :: Obama/Biden: Chess.

Count me in Team Cautiously Optimistic.