Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An idle theory of mine

Rumor has it that McLame really wanted Joe Lieberman for his VP pick but was prodded into picking the Precious Princess. Lieberman was subsequently put in charge of giving her a crash course in foreign affairs. This seems to have consisted mainly of Lieberman unrolling a map of the world and telling her, "Now, Alaska is here, and Russia is here! You and Putin are practically next door neighbors! Isn't that great!"

But I wonder if Lieberman is, like Yosemite Mitt and Pawlenty, secretly mad at McCain for passing him over.

It would explain some of the Precious Princess' gaffes. Joe Lieberman has purposely done a crappy job of prepping her for the national stage to revenge himself on McLame. Thus, instead of being able to explain the Bush doctrine, the Precious Princess gives Charles Gibson a deer-in-headlights look. My boyfriend says I'm giving Lieberman too much credit, and I probably am. But it's still a fun theory, yes?