Monday, September 22, 2008

Enough of the culture wars already

McCain was really hoping to culture-war his way into the White House with his pick of Precious Princess Palin (a.k.a. She Who Must Not Be Exposed to the Mean Media). What could be a better strategy than picking a wingnut to make the base all quivery with excitement? Why, picking a female wingnut, of course!

It really was comical, how blatant Team McCain was in their strategy: screw issues. We're going to talk about personalities and hockey moms and lipstick. Because...well, the culture war worked before, so why not now?

What a difference a week and half can make. Precious Princess Palin's interview with Charles Gibson was a bust, and assorted controversies keep emerging from Alaska. For such a popular, charismatic GOP rising star, she sure has a lot of enemies.

The Precious Princess's pick was not about merit, of course (see this list of more qualified GOP women). It was about rallying the 28 percenters. And also about giving wingnuts a chance to pretend that they were feminists by supporting a GIRL GOP CANDIDATE!!!! Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina whined that Tina Fey's Precious Princess 'pression was somehow "sexist."

Except that, as with most of the past four years, the American people haven't been too interested in the culture wars. I mean, culture wars are so...1990s. That is perhaps the real reason that Palin failed to excite the American people beyond those fundies and knee-jerk righties who still think Bush is a great president.