Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yet another reason I wanna see "Wall-E"

Right-wingers hate the movie. And, as expected, they invoke the name of the Great Vice-Beelzebub himself, Al Gore, who's become even more beastly than Bill Clinton in the collective subconscious of the wingnutosphere. The National Review even titled one of their blogs "Planet Gore." ("It's his planet. We're just living on it, goddamn it!")

Good gravy, didn't these people learn anything from their little "Happy Feet" hissy fit?

Okay, in the interest of balance, I'll mention that at least one rightie defends the film as an "indictment of liberalism." Uh-huh. Pixar's a regular propaganda arm of the great lumbering movement-conservative juggernaut, all right. "Hey doods! Ann Coulter's getting predictable. Let's make a cartoon robot our newest mascot!"

Michael "Gay Penguins" Medved has yet to register his opinion of the film, but one former colleague predicts he probably won't enjoy it too much.