Monday, July 28, 2008

Attn: Monica Goodling

Welcome to the town of Disbarred. Population: you. Really, the ABA should step in and take away Goodling's law license. That way, she can't do any more damage and can simply join Wolfowitz et al. on the Island of Misfit Movement Conservative Nutcases. On second that, screw that. She could be guilty of perjury, in which case, she could find herself in an orange jumpsuit very soon. Of course, if it would happens, it would happen after Bush and Mukasey are gone. It can't happen soon enough.

Of course, schadenfreude lover that I am, I'd be happy to see Ms. Goodling rendered unemployable and rejected by anyone who even thinks of hiring her. Even if it is a wingnut-welfare think tank. She could join Alberto Gonzales in a pity party.