Monday, July 21, 2008

Read my lips: It's NOT S&M gear...

The often-dormant comic-book geek chick in me is somewhat amused and alarmed over the controversial new "Black Canary" Barbie doll. It's controversial because there are a lot of parents who don't realize that this is a doll modeled after a comic book character. Specifically, a comic book character who wears fishnets and leather.

Here is Black Canary in the Birds of Prey comic book:

Canary has since left that comic and now stars in her own comic book with Green Arrow. Anyhow, here is the Black Canary Barbie doll:

Too many people are jumping to conclusions over this new doll, which won't even be in stores until September. And it won't be marketed to little girls either, so parents can relax. This is a collector's Barbie, and it is not--repeat, NOT--being marketed to little kids. Mattel's official Barbie Collector site specifically says, "For the adult collector, age 14 and over." My guess is it'll probably be sold at comic book stores and related geek emporiums. Maybe some toy stores (such as Toys R Us) will stock Black Canary Barbie alongside assorted pricey collector dolls dressed up to look like Irish princesses and Cher. If it is, then wise parents will surely steer their kids over to the other Barbies.

So repeat after me: This Barbie is based on a comic book character. Her outfit is modeled on that character's costume. (The only difference is that the DC Comics Canary wears flats, whereas the Barbie is in heels.) Black Canary Barbie is not wearing bondage gear. She is not for kids to play with. She is for collectors. Everyone needs to calm down.