Friday, July 11, 2008

Crybaby conservative alert!

Brent Bozell III wags his finger at liberals who are writing and saying mean things about Jesse Helms, "a man credited with impeccable conservative credentials in the U.S. Senate." No, Bozell didn't mention in too much detail the exact reasons people hated Helms. According to him, the nasty liberals just want to go poopy on the grave of a dead conservative. Mean liberals that, er, um...Andrew Sullivan.

Gee, one of us liberal has got to say something nice to show that we're not all a bunch of intolerant meanies. So let me say something in Helms' defense. During his political career, you couldn't find a more ardent supporter of America's white, heterosexual Christian population. See, he wasn't a total hater.

P.S. Hoooooooo boy.