Saturday, July 05, 2008

How to make a scumbag look sympathetic

Arrest him for exercising his First Amendment right to say disgusting crap. Via Ang comes this news item:

44-year old Andre Moore is being held at the 18th Police District by the very officers he apparently wanted to kill.

At least that's the message he allegedy sent out to the world in a disturbing, hate filled rant on YouTube.

"When you shoot the cops, you shoot them dead.", Moore is heard saying.

Moore allegedly posted this video on the internet demonstrating how to use a Colt .275 to shoot cops.

What police also find disturbing is that Moore is employed as a security guard at Einstein Medical Center, the hospital where Officer Chuck Cassidy died of gunshot wounds six months ago.

"We lost three police officers to guns on the streets of Philadelphia, and this idiot's out there promoting this message.", said Thomas Burke, of the Pennsylvania Gun Violence Task Force.

Moore's anger is directed mostly at the 18th district where he was cited for minor offenses last month.

"I can't stand the 18th district," the videotaped rant continues. "That's why I rejoice whenever they shoot a cop in Philadelphia. 'Cause I hate them."

And Moore dosen't stop there.

He goes on to promote violence in a city that is struggling to turn the tide.

"Continue killing the 18th district police. I promote violence in Philly. Promote violence in Philly."

Moore faces a number of charges, including aggravated assault.

Andre Moore is clearly several fries short of a Happy Meal. But folks? Ranting and raving on video is not the same thing as actual assault. Just wait: this case will probably get tossed out of court, this guy will become a First Amendment hero, and the local law enforcement will look stupid.

Oh yeah, and Ann Coulter (among others) has entertained similarly violent fantasies about people she hates. And nobody's arrested her. But then again, she's white and Andre Moore's black. I'm sure that's a factor.