Monday, October 01, 2007

Y'know, maybe I should listen to more Radiohead

I love it when any band can make major label executives squirm. More here.

Radiohead has now officially announced this new self-released album, 'In Rainbows' which will be available on October 10. Initially, the album will only be available as an electronic download through the Web site Later, it will be pressed and made available as a massive and expensive (£40, or $81.18) box set that includes three copies of the album: one on vinyl, one on CD and the previously available all-digital version.

Believe it or not, Radiohead is asking fans to name their own price for the downloadable version. Pre-order the album for an October 10th download and at checkout you are asked to enter whatever price you feel is appropriate. Seriously. Wanna pay a penny? Then do it. Wanna throw a little more cash at the band? Donate $10 or $20 -- it's up to you.

Over at Velvet Rope, plenty of posters are pretty psyched not only about the album but the marketing/distribution aspect. It's the end of the music industry as they know it, and they're feeling fine.