Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yes, this really is the best they can do

Awwwwww. Poor widdle wingnuts, upset over a 12-year-old kid.

There's not a lot that can be said over the Graeme Frost witch hunt that hasn't been said before--and in great detail--by dozens of other bloggers. Like here. And here. And here. And especially here. But it really shows how threatened they are now that they realize how unpopular, ineffective, and simply wrong they and their ideas really are.

I mean, really. What a bunch of sad bullies, crying about a tween who dares to talk about how the fact that--gasp!--SCHIP helps people! They don't like that, so the Malkinites and Freepers have gone into total Snidely Whiplash mode on the poor kid and his family. At this point, the Frost family should contact the police about a restraining order against Stalkin' Malkin and the mouth-breather brigade.

Anyway, it's a good thing that the liberal end of the blogosphere is saner than these fruitcakes. Otherwise, someone might, say find the personal information--including addresses, phone numbers, and personal e-mail addresses--for Malkin, Steyn, and leading Freepers. And then maybe this information would be posted all over the lefty blogosphere.

After all, if, as the wingers insist, 12-year-olds are fair game, then surely they themselves are willing to accept the invasion of their own privacy. Like, are these people really earning an honest living or do they just get payouts from Richard Mellon Scaife? How about Canadian-born Steyn? Is he in the USA legally or did his work visa expire? You know, those kinds of personal details. Surely these people have neighbors who'd be happy to talk.

Note: No, I didn't mean what I wrote earlier about digging personal dirty on these cretins. I'm being rhetorical. I'm sure what I just wrote will earn me a spot in Malkin's next book: Super-Unhinged: Never Mind Me, You Mouth-Breathing Suckers, Here's the Moonbats. But really, I'd just be happy to see these guys splattered with pies. That would be enough to send them running away, crying their eyes out.

Even one prominent conservative blogger is disgusted by the wingers' jihad. (Granted, John Cole is a rarity, a conservative who's got brains and a conscience.)

Of course, the "attack-the-messenger-not-the-message" schtick is nothing new among these guys, who know they don't have good ideas and facts. As Avedon Carol wrote last year, after poor, pathetic Ann Coulter embarrassed herself attacking 9/11 widows:

What she is demanding is the right to attack them personally rather than answer their argument. Deprived of the weapon of ad hominem attack, she may be forced to engage what the 9/11 families and the survivors of our military dead, like Cindy Sheehan, are trying to say.

So, since she still can't engage what they are saying, she is complaining that they are saying it at all. She has been given ample opportunity to answer the question Cindy Sheehan has been asking for these many months, but she can't. She cannot even explain why she objects to the 9/11 families' campaign for a full investigation of our inexplicable vulnerability on 11 September 2001.

What she wants is not, as she claims, someone she "can" respond to, but that the questions never be asked. Only "liberals", she wants us to believe, would ask them. Yet these people, who obviously have a much more personal reason for asking them that owes nothing to their political philosophy, are throwing a wrench into the works of her argument.

And that's the same story here. The wingnuts have seen proof that Dear Leader's SCHIP veto would hurt deserving families like the Frosts. And it sounds like these are hardworking people. Heck, Graeme Frost is a scholarship student at a private school, which means he's one smart kid.

Smarter than the wingnuts, that's for sure.

They've been outclassed and outsmarted by a 12-year-old. No wonder they've lost their minds.